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Forever 'Diao'

This is not in any way about my life...

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HELLO, MY FAITHFUL VIEWERS (that probably don't read my blog cough cough). *waves madly* So... this is my blog. I've had a lit of obsessions. Like once it was DBSK for a REALLY LONG TIME, and then it became Fahrenheit for a REALLY LONG TIME, and after SuJu everything just died... But now I like AARON YOO! And if you didn't know then you should start reading my blog, hehehe. :)

Alright. Let's do this quick facts thing!

My likes: Everything listed under interests and more, but they're all obvious. :)
My dislikes: certain bugs (mosquitoes and a creepy one that I see a lot on the sidewalk in particular), certain people, certain attitudes that people sport "for fun," liars (posers), Julia (from Hana Kimi), Jenny (From Gossip Girl), when people say bad things about things I care about and more, but they're all obvious too.
My long-term goals: financial success (extreme financial success) and ai, eventually. I hope. I really hope so. It doesn't need to be Aaron, but that would make me pretty darn gao xing.
Short term: learn chinese and another language, like fa wen, learn how to make computer graphics, redesign my wardrobe so it's not so t-shirty, find my talent (not singing, not piano, not drawing, I can't fly)

Random facts:

+ Little things make me really happy
+ I'm really scared of having no friends, or being lonely
+ I'm allergic to mosquito bites
+ Shanghai really is my favorite city evhar
+ I'm hungry a lot
+ I prefer the East Coast to the West (NYC<3)
+ I might be more of a cat person, sorry.
+ I really think obsessions are healthy. Give you something to do.
+ Ikea is really like a playground
+ Usually my favorite book or movie is the last one I read or watched, unless it's exceptionally bad (like In Good Company). This doesn't apply to music though, thank tian.

I'm guessing I should tell you something about my blog now. I'm probably the most typical asian teenage girl you've ever seen. Which means that I have impaired vision, and I enjoy squealing over things like boybands and fluffy/plush animals. (:3!) So... from that I guess you can deduce that my blog is going to be about boybands and fluffy/plush animals. Or just the world from a asian teenage girly (very girly) point of view. Seems about right, except I do occasionally put some meaningful stuff in there.

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