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08 August 2008 @ 10:09 pm
WOOOOOOOOOT who's watching?! I'm watching!!! This is SUPER cool!!!

Seriously though china has just gone over the top to do this opening ceremony. Do any of you see those light drs in the beginning? And the giant calligraphy dance/drawing? SUPER cool!!! And also the printing block... And the thing with the boat sticks, and at the end with the children and the glowing people...

Way cooler than the Athens one anyway. I am just so proud.

(and some of those athletes are pretty hot too).
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29 April 2008 @ 10:48 pm
Wow! Wow Super Junior-M! WOW! I am so proud of you guys <333 Hangeng must be happy. You know. To be performing in the language he's most comfortable with. ;D Seen their new U MV? Hazel probably has. She's probably posted it up already. Oh well. Video's at the bottom! ^ ^ And I think that ZhouMi guy's pretty hot. Don't you? His eyes are HUGE. You know who he looks kinda like? He kinda looks like Wu Zun.

Look Mar! Look! It's HENRY! Aaah, they will TOTALLY take China by storm.

I watched Japan Idol today. Jenny/Sarah/Christine was so good! Sarah was so good! Juan looked really impressive in the beginning. Uh... those two girls were really good o_O. You know who I'm talking about. Pity I couldn't have seen more; but I kinda regret going since I wasted so much time.

Luckily I have some good ideas with Sooyun about the propaganda, but I can't seem to think of the slogan...

It's late, and I still have some notes to take, so more later when I'm free-- that'll be like... Thursday. K? K...

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13 April 2008 @ 09:03 pm
Oh my, that weekend was so nice. It's so sad now that I have to go to school tomorrow. :(

Well, yesterday was Garage Sale Day, which means that like everyone had a garage sale. So we all took a walk after eating pizza. All meaning me, A-yi, Audrey (can't believe mrs. lee's naming hers that) and Dad.  Oh by the way the morning before I went I was trying Cantonese on my dad. He had no idea what I was talking about. :) And Audrey keeps sucking her fingers. I've been trying to make her stop, since braces cost a lot of money. No one else seem to care, though.

Everything, as usual in garage sales, was junk, although my dad bought some sort of door-latch thing. Like. Those wooden bars you slide across the backs of doors so you can't open them from the outside. The kind they used back in the Dark Ages. Or Middle Ages. Junk! He's apparently going to use it on a gate of some sort. "It's cute." 2 dollars.

Okay. I talked to Beth, you know. After walking past her house and seeing this huge FOR SALE sign in front of her house. Her house is so nicely furnished. I love it.  Did you know she's moving? Because I certainly didn't. Christina was also driving around and happened to find me. Nice of her. I met her replacement sister. O_o We had pizza (costco) for lunch and zou (xifan), and Mcdonald's for dinner. Guess no one wanted to cook. And today I had a frosty and french fries. Aha. Ahaha. I feel good :) But I probably won't need another frosty for like a week. I've been getting one like every week for the past 3. Or maybe 2. Or 4. It's just very interesting. I remember when I was little, and we used to go to Menlo Park Mall, and there used to be a Wendy's next to the pet store (was there??), and I always really wanted one, but I never actually finished. Okay no. There was a My Favorite Muffin next to the pet store. I wonder where the frosty came from. Because I remember sitting on those white bench things next to the  white square plant boxes with my grandma/mom/maybe even dad (was it really that long ago?) and not being able to finish and my mom always getting mad at me... Well, I can finish now. :) Those were such good times. Simpler... More blissful, but the past always seems more blissful compared to now, doesn't it?

Today my dad made me french toast for breakfast. : ) I was so happy... And then I went on freetetris.org for like an hour and didn't get anything higher than 50K. I went to the mall with Christina! Little mall. I went into H&M, found a top that I liked, "bookmarked it," ("BOOKMARK THIS LOCATION, CHRISTINA!!!11///''), and then was dragged into Sephora (SHISEIDO, HEATHER! IT'S JAPANESE!), and then went upstairs to buy a frosty. FROSTY! And then I dragged her into Hollister ("everytime I come here someone drags me into Hollister") (I did it for you, Anita :P), and it smelled really heavy and I saw the girl spraying things at the clothes and I thought it was really funny. Anyway, I didn't really like anything there, because... idk nothing I saw really caught my eye. Once I went in there a long time ago, and I liked this top but it was like a billion dollars so I didn't buy it. So I bought a pleated skirt. I still have it. I'll wait for it to get warm. I like skirts with pleats.

And then Delia's, nothing - except for a pale yellow t-shirt with winnie the pooh on it, except she was like I only like bright yellow, because light yellow looks like pee, and it's not better that there's "poo" on it ("But it has Pooh on it!" "Stop saying that Heather! That's disgusting!"). And then I realized that it matched my skin tone so it became kinda like no. I was on Forever21.com by the way, and there's a t-shirt with ni hao kai lan on it. I really want it. Next person that goes there please buy it, and I will reimburse you.

And then Easy Pickins, because there were bright colors, but it was so darned ghetto. There's one inside the Gallery in Philadelphia and it's super ghetto there too. I didn't like anything in there. And then we marched back somewhere, and we passed this little kiosk that sold hair accessories. You know them. The sparkly ones. And also the fake hair extension things. There was a really cute little Spanish looking girl that was really nice and was all what are you looking for. And then she asked Christina if she wanted her bangs to be higher. You know. That bump on your head. If you want it to be higher. But it was really me looking for things, and I told her that I wanted some sort of clip for my bangs that are getting oddly long. So she showed me a pretty white one and pinned my bangs back (I have no idea how she did it - it's this comb thing) and was all yeah, swarovski crystals and 8 freaking dollars). So I was like I'll think about it.

And then we marched back to H&M, and tried on that shirt (it's white and has cinched sleeves and a part of the bottom's cinched and it has ropes on it. Red ropes - for you Hazel). It's pretty good, and H&M's really inexpensive, and my mom has the impression that it's a British GAP, so I bought it. 15 dollars.

So we ran to Target, across a large parking lot, a highway-ish street, and another large parking lot. I felt like a hobo. Christina was looking for kosher/rock salts and olive oil and water filters and swiffer dusters. She wants to make bath salt, and also her mom always complains that her room is dusty, but won't buy her swiffer dusters, and won't buy her a water filter too. She thinks they're cool. So we bought the dusters and the water filter and then decided that no, bath salts are a waste of time. And I bought a razor because the one I'm using you just add water and I can't really see where I'm going. 5 blades - wow. It's really too awkward to ask my mom... 12 dollars.

And then we ran back to the mall, went to that girl. At which point I made Christina give me 8 dollars and we bought that little comb thing. I like it. It was probably the stupidest thing I've ever done though, since I can get a billion in China. I don't get what's wrong. Must have been the high on life mentality. Like in... I think I've made like 3 references to World Civ in this post already. Gosh. 8 dollars!

Having fun...? Priceless.

Sephora, found out my dad was picking us up at 4:30 which was in 40 minutes, went to Barnes and Noble and I read 40% of Godchild #2. Kinda creepy book, I gotta say. I have the 1st one. She was reading something on Japanese fashion. I saw a lot of "Fruits." Is that what they're called? And some of it is just plain crazy.

My dad found out that I borrowed money, we went to the Korean farm store and bought some onions and the lady gave us back 8 dollars because my dad only had a ten. And then we drove back to Christina's house, and I gave her the money. What a nice guy, my dad. Gave me 28 dollars today, 8 for no reason at all. (20 was 4 weeks allowance. Allowance is nice. He's nice.)

And then dinner, and then my grandma came because billiam and my mom went to Philadelphia today, because William's mom was taking care of William's grandparents. But she's going to Shanghai today. So they're sending her to the airport, but the decided to drop off my grandma at my dad's house so he could send us both home - since it would take much longer for me to get home if they took me with them, going to the airport and waiting and coming back and all.

I fell asleep on the car, did a bit of galactosemia, and now I'm here. :'( School...
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05 April 2008 @ 07:26 pm
So... Yesterday was Friday, which means that in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS I WILL BE ON AN AIRPLANE TO CHINA YEAH! The thought of it makes me so happy. :D

Anyway, today was such a shop till you drop day. My feet are sore. It makes me so happy too, haha. Get OFF, Mickey! I can't see the screen if your butt's in front of it. :P He's so cute. ;3

I'll just type "blind," then. See if there are any typos. I can do this. So I went to like all these stores, a lot of them were my mom's stores because we were buying things for people in China. Because you know. You have to give things to people. I don't know why. I can't really remember all the stores, but there was like, coachneimanmarcusaeropostaledieselpuma*deepbreath*adidasburberryuggamericanapparel OH YEAH! I stepped foot in American Apparel for like the first time in my life wow. My mom took a look at the place and was like ew low quality let's go. Like Forever 21. It was okay. I just saw a lot of one-color t-shirts.

So I bought a shirt (it has polka dots on it) and shoes. Sneakers. They're very different-looking, the color scheme's "nightshade and grapefruit" but all that means is wine-red and blue-violet. I really like them. I've wanted Diesel shoes ever since I went to California... I went to Woodbury Commons, by the way. Not that many stores that I'm interested in, but a good place to go if you like open-air malls and such. It was such a nice day too.

Jay Chou is such a genius. He really is. I love his personality too. He exudes a really "cool" aura. Go listen to "Dong Feng Po."

I can imagine what will happen though...

Anita - It's boring. :P
Hazel - He looks like a monkey/ape/insect.
Grace - Is this in Chinese?
Bean - I like MCR better...
Taylor - Jay Chouu... <3 (ilu, cuz u l Jay Chou 2)
Does... Andrew... read... this?

I think that's all the people that read my blog right now. Is that kinda sad? Give Jay Chou a chance :) Now that I've predicted what you'd say you're not allowed to say those things 8D! (think of some creative variation :P)

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30 March 2008 @ 12:53 pm

Happy Birthday, Taylor! Yay... confetti confetti confetti!

And... I was kinda stupid yesterday. I didn't realize that I could just go to turnitin and get my story from there. Yeah. :O My gosh it really sucks compared to Anita's... I'm not looking for pity here. :P

I spent a lot of time this weekend looking at Super Junior. I like them a lot. (It's a revival) But it's not quite as great as DBSK or Fahrenheit... Remember that?

     “I’ll miss you, père.”

     “I’ll return soon, ma Émilie. Look after your mother.” I grinned back at my only daughter, waving the final au revoirs before jauntily striding away, my head held high and proud. I was to join the war effort. Émilie and her friends jumped up and down, cheering. My young, beautiful wife, Charlotte laughed and waved and kissed me goodbye. Her hands left her swollen belly to clasp mine one last time. Turning the corner, I looked back, almost seeing my daughter’s heart swell with pride. Yes, I would miss my family, but in several short months I would be back, a hero.

     I woke in the night to screaming. Sweet, rare dreams still clung to me like gossamer threads, but I rushed to my position to save my own life. Too many times had I seen men in the front trenches die from gas because they were too slow, but not before days, even weeks of indescribable anguish, wounds slowly eating away at their flesh and minds. I fumbled for my mask, and my gun, one hand resting against the great wall of dirt. All around me were men scrambling to their positions, men screaming from agony. I knew the feeling. Temporary blindness; oozing, yellowish, filth encrusted blisters were constant plagues of the mustard gas. And perhaps worst of all, not knowing how much gas you inhaled, how much longer you had to live – if you could live to see your family once more. The thought of my family brought me to my knees, sending the vile, acrid water laced with decay rippling. How I longed to hear my daughter’s tinkling laugh.

     A fatal move. I could see my own death looming like a hated ship behind thick fog. I was too slow to don my mask, and I was helpless to save myself. As if in slow motion, I watched the heavy yellow gas roll down the walls of trench. Hot tears of pain streaming down my face, I was blinded. I felt my lungs congeal, my chest heaving. It was an effort just to breathe. Coughing and scratching blindly at the air in panic, I fought to live. I heard screaming all around me. A man had been shot, and was weeping for his life. Another was on his knees, praying for salvation from this place, so deep in the earth and so close to hell…

     It was not until I felt my own wife’s sweet, cool hands on my scarred face, smoothing back my hair, slick with sweat that I realized the truth. I had been dreaming again, reliving the days of horror in the trenches. Even in daylight I could not escape the nightmares. Even after the war, my days and nights were filled with blood and suffering.

     I was a shadow of the man I was before the war. Charlotte’s imploring eyes searched mine, her bottomless seas of green once again flooding with tears.

     “Mon amour, my beautiful Bernard,” Charlotte had whispered the day of my return, “now scarred, maimed by this bloodthirsty war.” But, seeing the empty chasm in my eyes, she understood. She understood that I was maimed internally, and that I would never again be the same. I was completely devoid of any emotion. I was detached, unable to be moved from my personal torment, even when Charlotte’s newborn was already the second child to be born not breathing. My experiences in war, like a fatal disease forever plagued me, never releasing me from its black, shadowy recesses.

     Charlotte forced her own hand over her mouth, silencing the racking sobs that overtook her body, sobs caused by my coldness, leading to her heartbreak. And then the nightmares returned. Their unrelenting fingers tugged on my mind, making me lose my grasp on reality and being. My mind finally relented. I would never be free of this war. 

I... put spaces between the paragraphs because I came back and couldn't bring myself to read that whole block of text. *ADD*

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29 March 2008 @ 09:08 pm

Guess what. In the week that I was missing, 99 kisses updated with a preorder... And then I missed that preorder entirely. Too bad. I've liked this for like about a year though...:

Isn't it pretty? AND IT'S ON SALE!!! Must buy it. Once I get the courage to use Paypal and do this thing.
Which reminds me. Since... Like it's my mom's money and all. I have a really great one. A mom, I mean. She thinks about me a lot, even though she doesn't let it show. Like at her office, she'll bring me back things... And she'll always call my grandma and be like how's heather. And first thing after walking in the door at home, she'll be like HEATHER!!! And then she tries to make me happy... It really is her first priority. I just teared up wow. Because... yesterday night I threw a mini fit of pent up frustration and told her I wasn't really happy and cried, and then she got really worried, and she was so nice... and talked to me  for like an hour and a half... And she asked me why I was unhappy, if it was because of the divorce, because we moved, because of William... She feels so bad about the divorce, still. Normally you don't see it, but yesterday... you can tell she feels so guilty and she was talking about how it was for the better, how now I have two families that love me so much. And this happened like eight years ago. I've gotten over it for a while, because it really was just for the best. I love how things are now. It really isn't her fault. Wow a billion just fell out. I think I really just want her to be happy... She tries so hard... And I'm so... like... short with her sometimes. And she knows that I don't mean half the things I say...  This idea of unconditional love is so amazing. My mom is so amazing. Lumpy throat...

Okay I'm done with that. but I have so many feelings about that, you know?

Referring to my title (by the way, stop by my page, I changed my layout again. Because these are only available until 4/30 which gives me a sense of urgency like YOU HAVE TO USE THIS BEFORE IT'S GONE type of thing), I used to alw ays think that it was play that funky music WHITE boy. Lol. White. 

I've had a really recent thing about SNSD, Girls Generation, SHAO NIAN SHI DAI! (I'm so proud of myself, figured that out myself!)... Sooyoung (swimming?!)'s definitely my favorite. She's uniquely pretty... And she's dark. And she has a really clear voice. But she isn't really central... Like she's just a supporting? What is that? Oh and Yuri definitely looks like Selina. That's... all I can recognize right now. Oh! And Hyoyeon. But... I have nothing to say about her. And Donghae is so cute. He and Kyuhyun have moved up. Yeah. I remember in Dragon Tales, the girl (what was her name? Emmy? And did you know there's another little boy there?! there are 3 of them now!) used to say definitely all the time. I'm turning into her. She always looked asian to me, did you know that? She's really Hispanic.

And also, I recently found this learn chinese cartoon on nickelodeon. I don't know what it's called, but I was just so proud. Like... proud! Oh I just looked it up. It's ni hao kai lan :). She has a grandpa that can speak it really well. And she has all these animal friends... Haha I was so happy when I found that show.

Oh and now things to say about my week! I got a 96 on my research paper, 20%, all good. Isn't that just worth a test, though? I should check powerschool. My bio quiz though... I guessed on a few of them. I'm slipping in that class. And also! In math, I got an 88 on a test (haha, lucky for the Chinese, right?), and I was devastated, but turns out everyone failed it or something so the teacher had to give extra credit! Yeah! It was so easy though, so my grade was boosted by 6 points. Six! Aah, Mrs. Sopala, you're not that bad.  I hear Grace knocking down my front door in rage. 

I should make a dialogue, shouldn't I? Yeesh, I have nothing really to say though. Oh, you know how Fei Hong once talked to me on Facebook, and then I think on aim? Yeah I feel really bad because I only talk to him online and then ignore him in real life. I'll say hi to him eventually... Before it becomes too long and it'll get awkward. I'm not pointing fingers. Besides saying actually a lot, what other habits do I have?

I think I picked up actually from Christina. I picked up a lot of things from her, and then dropped a lot of them and picked up a lot of things from Hazel and Anita a little. Like how I saw good looking. I say it like Hazel. And no. And so. (I have to watch myself to make it normal) And all that korean music -- don't feel bad because you're not the only one. Sometimes I'm really scared that people think I want to be Korean... I don't! Nothing wrong with it (teach me if you wish) but I embrace my heritage. Kevin, did you block me on aim? You're not there anymore...

I think I'll end on that note... I have so much homework - have to revise my WC essay! Haha, did you know WC in europe is bathroom? I laugh secretly to myself whenever I write it in my agenda. And I make a note of it to say it to Anita in bio, but I never really remember. 

Fine, so maybe I won't end on that note. Because I have something good to say. In WC (ahahahahaha) I've been raising my hand a lot and contributing a lot. And then on Friday in Bio I said a lot of random things in the beginning of class. Anita wasn't there though! :O 
Ms. Cavallo: Everyone's looking at their notes like there's a quiz. 
-five minutes later-
Ms. Cavallo: Why are you guys frantically flipping through your notes?
Me: [really loudly too] I'm studying so I can say things aloud in bio today.
Class: ... 
Ms. Cavallo: [amusedly] Oh.
Lauren and Danielle: HEATHER! HEATHER! YEAH! *applause* 
I was SO proud of myself. It was because the day before she called me a model of girl behavior. You know. Quiet. It's better to not be so predictable. But I didn't say anything for the rest of the period because I didn't study enough at the beginning of the period. Oh. And then next period I lost the review game... Stupid board. 

I just went to view my journal and I love that song. By danny noriega. I love him. Someone find me a danny moodtheme. 

Oh and today I went to buy Taylor's present... It's pitifully small... And I also went somewhere else, and bought 2 really ugly and barely functional pentel pencils, plus 2 pens. It's because of my obvious thing for writing instruments, and the 4 of them were only a dollar. I was amazed. But the blue pen doesn't work. That's what you get. 

Oh and if you haven't figured it out, I'm in Metuchen!! YAY! Ish... I'll post up my story when I get back to Closter. Actually, I'll check my firstclass, although I doubt I sent it to myself...

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26 March 2008 @ 06:48 pm

... And I have no idea why.

SO today was a fun day. Art, I did nothing as usual... should learn to be more efficient with time. Bio! Wow bio was so much fun. We watched GATTACA! JUDE LAW HAO (chao) SHUAI! He seriously is... I think I've fallen in love with a middle aged bai ren :O. Ah... hahaha x_x... But anyway I started TEARING at the end and Danielle and Lauren made a big deal and Caj was all HEATHER'S CRYING, EVERYBODY! And I was like T_T... It was so funny... But anyway I LOVED Gattaca, although I couldn't see the screen half the time because the screen or projector was really sucky. It was about genetic engineering, and how you can pick all the features you'd like for a baby. And it kind of became the norm... among the privileged people. Anyone who wasn't genetically engineered (a Godchild?) was shunned and disparaged, and called an 'invalid'. And this guy whose parents decided to leave it to God to decide... And he was born with all these percentages of problems, like 99% heart failure and life expectance 30.5 years. So he couldn't get any jobs! But he really wanted to be an astronaut. So he decided to take a valid's identity because that valid couldn't do anything anymore and decided to pay someone to take his place... And then he'd give him blood samples to put on his finger, and urine samples, and such... So anyway the valid was Jude Law... I love his accent. I love his voice... Love him. Anyway. The invalid came out better-looking than his somewhat lifeguard-looking valid brother. Eh.

I wasn't crying, by the way. I was tearing. Meaning welling up. I do it a lot, but you give it like 10 seconds and it goes away. I do it at anything... Like sometimes I look at my mom, or my grandma's being really nice... There must be something wrong there. Does like, no one know who Jude Law is? Either that or they don't like him. It's so sad :(.

And we did NOTHING in english but finish the Romeo and Juliet movie because Ms. Cho wasn't there. But that movie is like so boring so all I really did was read 1984 by George Orwell. I found it lying on the ledge next to me. No, it's not a window ledge, it's like this shelf... thing. That's the same height as the desks, and is on the right side of the room... in every room in the new wing. I find that really odd actually. Every single room looks the same o_O. In the new wing, I mean. And then we commenced watching the new one! It was SO weird. Benvolio was SO oafish (because he was pretty pretty in that old fashioned kind of way in the original and I was SO surprised) looking, and Mercutio was downright scary, and Tybalt too. It was like... in a ghetto. So scary. I paid attention to that one, though. Hehe.

And then NEXT period we were invited by Sakayama sensei to go watch the... thing. What was it called, I forgot ;_;. OH! Shamisen. Right? I think. It was this guy, playing this erhu thing except it wasn't and it just lookedl ike it and you strum it like a guitar. It was so funny... Like, he was just a really funny guy. And he played all these songs, and sang a little, and he spoke really thickly accented english that grace didn't even know that he was speaking english... And he also said annyeonghasaeyo (Did I do it Hazel? Korean romanization is so hard... don't laugh at me) and ni hao. He said ni hao really well. With the tones and everything. HE WAS SO FUNNY.

Blockquote time, ohyeah. Block quotes are for when you quote something that's four lines or longer! Yeah! Anyway... He made a bunch of people get up and hold these plastic bell things and dance. And he made them do all these ridiculous things like squat, and and walk and go up and down squatting and have a mini parade around the auditorium. AAAH I HAD SO MUCH FUN. But when he asked for the Chinese again I didn't raise my hand. It would have been so nervewracking.

And then after school I went to art and worked on my project, and got nothing done. But it was fun nonetheless, talking to Anita and Sooyun, and Emma... and... Christine and Sayaka too. And Michelle and Even and even Phillip (ikright) but they left early. It was like a time for socializing! I did part of my monk's clothes... which is like nothing pretty much and I got home at like a quarter to 6. Aah, remind me to pay Anita a dollar tomorrow. JT (does he go by Jintae now or did I just make that up now?) was there and randomly said ni hao (he said it REALLY WELL with the tones and everything too). I told him his eyes were small in Chinese. He's not that mean, I guess. Hazel should have kneed his freaking iguana.
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20 March 2008 @ 04:03 pm
*blows the dust off the top of her page*

Aah, there's nothing to say. I already told Anita this...

But aren't you scared that the person you love ("love") is something you made up? What if he's a jerk? I need to talk to him soon...
06 March 2008 @ 05:57 pm
Today was a good day ;)

*music note*Don't you remember you told me you loved me baby... You said you'll be coming back this way agaain baby... *music note*

Right now I'm in one of those really amazing sad feelings. I watched this really really really sad movie in Multicultural Club today. It was so good! It's called "Joint Security Area." It's about the tumultuous relationship between North and South Korea, and this neutral area that marks the boundary between them. Two soldiers from each side became friends, but one shot another under pressure while being reminded of the tensions between the two countries. It's such a sad movie! It's actually on youtube, if you wanna watch it. (watch it, really! If you have time ~ it's so good).

I don't know, the rest of the day was pretty good too. Volleyball is so much fun. I guess only when you have a good team though. Who was that blue velour sweatpant/sweatshirt girl? Eeng. Math --> quiz was easy-ish. Because nothing that comes from that... wu po with a b is easy. Chinese was fun, I drew a lot of dongs with sooyun. She seems to like them. English was so boring.

Yesterday was a pretty good day too... won the review game in World Civ! And Ms. Cavallo forced me to say stuff in Bio.

And by the way, it's not REALLY on youtube, so I'll just dl it to my iPod and you can watch it there ;).
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03 March 2008 @ 09:29 pm

Hey! Guess who my icon is! Just for you, Hazel... He looks good in this one...

Okay. Five minute post. Because I was really supposed to be just printing out some sort of review thingy for World Civ but I got slightly sidetracked and decided to make Anita happy. 1/2 happy. 1/3 happy. I'll go comment on all your things... tomorrow... During lunch... Yeah. :PP

FIVE MINUTE POST! The weekend was so happy for me... I couldn't make Christina's party Friday! So we took her out to breakfast Saturday. IHOP. I really wanted to go to Da Shanghai (big... shanghai) but it didn't open until 11 or something so I was like whatever. I didn't really like the food in IHOP. OMG I had an urge to type it iHop. It's because of the i-everything trend that's getting old but still going around. I had like. I don't remember, but it was a lot of stuff. I had forgotten the amount of like... the portions! The portions are SO BIG! It was so hard to eat all of it. And then William made this big deal about IF YOU ORDER IT YOU EAT IT. Because I was like… blah blah blah and he was like okay and mom was like no you’re on a diet so then… Ugh I was so full. And I don’t even like the food that much… like I’ll tolerate a pancake and a sausage and a forkful of hashed browns (I say HASHED browns instead of HASHBROWNS for future reference)… but not like 2 pancakes and eggs and like 5 sausages and a mountain of shredded potato. My mom and William ended up helping anyway. Christina did nothing.

 And then in the afternoon we went to the mall! We spent like an hour in Sephora… She was oohing and aahing over the fake eyelashes and wanting to paste them onto like a mask or something for the Odyssey for Mr. Gallagher…? I have no idea. It wasn’t very interesting. I was running around the back rubbing eyeshadow on the back of my hand and trying on all the different whitening shiseido creams. They did nothing. I didn’t expect them to do anything… And all these stores and all I bought was a Frosty and then a drink that was raspberry and green tea. They were both good. Frosties are so good. I should get them more often…

 And then I came home and then my dad was all Heather. You’ve gotten a virus on the computer. It’s called ‘Chinese Navigation blah blah blah.’ Have you been on Chinese sites? Uh… Yiyipf? AHA! I KNEW IT! BECAUSE I DON’T GO ON CHINESE WEBSITES!!

 I feel really bad actually because like… my dad’s tax stuff is all on there and the pictures too… and apparently the virus isn’t letting him copy the four gigs of pictures we have stored on there… ;_; Oh by the way I was feeling extremely bad about never talking to my dad so I talked to him today on the phone. Remind me to call him tomorrow.

 Okay dude it’s been like 10 minutes. Ahaha… William just came in and glanced at my word document. Because I’m typing this in a word document. So it won’t seem like I was typing on my blog.

Okay quickly. Nothing really happened today. Except that I kinda want a Biffy… Diffy. Doofy… What are they called? Those things… Yeah. They remind me of Pygmy Puffs. I so wanted a Pygmy Puff before and I was like so sad because I knew I would never get one. It’s so much easier to want a bunny named Basil because… it’s pretty possible.

Okay. A page. I really need to take a shower otherwise my hair will never dry… And I need to like… study or whatever.

*edit* I forgot. Today after school Sooyun dragged me to Mrs. Lee. I left in a hurry after I asked her about our grade (sooyun made me ask... don't know why she just could have herself). I hope Sooyun didn't badmouth me or anything. I wouldn't put it past her. Not that I don't like her. I really do.

Uh... OH! Today after school also I went to get my retainer fitted because I lost my plastic one. The new one's gonna be those conventional wire plastic hard ones. I chose the one with dark pink light pink white stripes. Pretty. The actual appointment took like 20 minutes, but the driving took like 2 hours. My gosh. But I had some nice talks with my mom so it was all good.

And apparently because one of my teeth shifted, the new retainer's going to be fixing that problem. So it's not technically a replacement. So... the insurance should cover it! And my mom won't have to pay 300 dollars, yay. But we're not sure. But it's good to have hope, right?

K really gotta go now. My eyes will pretty much be puffy in the morning...
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